BAX: the business financing you need for your business

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Fintech: tecnología financiera del mañana

Did you know that the business-to-business trade is currently booming? BAX has joined this critical initiative, as our company firmly believes that this is an excellent way to promote the economy in any country.

What is BAX?

We are a virtual platform that works as a business network to allow you to buy and pay with products and services. We strive to promote business barter, also known as Barter.

If you don’t know much about this intuitive payment method, we explain it below. It is vital to remember that if you are an SME or a company with few possibilities for financing operations, we are what you need.

What is Barter?

It can be defined as a new modality based on offset trade. This means that the importer and the exporter exchange the goods they own without the need to mobilize any funds, which allows you to invest your money in another way.

Of course, this is a formal business in which a contract is concluded. This clearly specifies the quality and quantity of the goods to be exchanged without valuing them monetarily. In this way, the Barter is carried out to the satisfaction of both parties.

Why is BAX what you need?

We are at your disposal. Our services will help you to realize:

– Exchange of goods
– Commercial transactions with other companies
– Receive goods that will help your company to grow more
– Save money
– Increase the number of customers
– Improve your cash flow

Aren’t we what you need? You will notice that your company will be catapulted extraordinarily in a short time, no matter what type of sector you operate in: we have everything you need for you.

How does BAX work?

BAX is a legal company that operates using an internal currency. This is proprietary, which means that it is developed exclusively for local entrepreneurs and traders inside the network.

The currency is called Bax. It works optimally and is valid within the platform. It offers the valuable advantage of helping entrepreneurs exchange services with each other, guaranteeing the effectiveness of billings available between 3 and 5%. Rest assured that you will see your business grow uniquely in less time than you expect.

Would you like to contact us? Please leave us your contact information, and an operator will be with you shortly. [email protected]



.Written with love for the growth of your company

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We are a Nashville collaborative economy platform that aims to encourage commercial exchange between companies and/or local professionals through the business exchange (Barter), a credit alternative for SMALL BUSINESS and companies that do not find a way to finance their operations from traditional ways.

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