BAX and Bitcoin: what makes we different?

When it comes to complementary or electronic currencies, the minds of many immediately run to bitcoin. In its official self-definition, Bitcoin presents itself as “the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network.” A tool that works without direct intermediaries and without the control of any central authority, managed by a series of agreements between participants, structured through […]

Fintech: tomorrow’s financial technology

When we talk about finance, in general terms, we refer to topics such as cash flow optimization, cash, financing, investments, collections, the balance of payments, liquidity, among others that have been emerging with the entry of new technologies into the business world, which has provided various tools for financial management. Although these are still important […]

BAX: the business financing you need for your business

Fintech: tecnología financiera del mañana

Did you know that the business-to-business trade is currently booming? BAX has joined this critical initiative, as our company firmly believes that this is an excellent way to promote the economy in any country. What is BAX? We are a virtual platform that works as a business network to allow you to buy and pay […]